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Understanding The Complexities Of Spousal And Child Support

Divorce is often a complicated undertaking. Dividing your marital assets and moving forward with your life requires an intentional effort to protect your financial interests. When matters of child or spousal support arise, it is especially important to arrive at a figure that meets your current and expected needs.

In the absence of a settlement agreement, the court may be tasked with calculating alimony or child support payments. An experienced advocate can represent you and help ensure that your best interests are promoted. The Maginnis Law Office serves the District of Columbia, Maryland and northern Virginia, and I understand the nuances and intricacies of these jurisdictions.

A Knowledgeable Attorney With A Diverse Skill Set

For residents in the Washington, D.C., metro area, spousal and child support issues can warrant distinct legal approaches based on place of residence. As an attorney who serves clients throughout this region, I can help you navigate certain jurisdiction-specific matters, including:

  • Establishing marital property: The division of marital property can play a role in how alimony or child support is calculated. In Washington, D.C., marital property can include assets accumulated up until divorce, whereas Virginia observes an earlier date of final separation.
  • Child support guidelines: Child support is typically paid until a child turns 21 in Washington, D.C., while in Maryland that age is 18 or 19 depending on the age at which the child graduates from high school.
  • Residency requirements: In regard to alimony and child support, where you divorce matters. Maryland requires that one spouse establishes residency for a minimum of 12 months, while Washington, D.C., only requires a six-month residency duration.

Child and spousal support payments are subjective figures, but a judge will generally use a common set of factors in their calculations. Having a lawyer who recognizes what you can expect from such a decision can provide you with a valuable perspective.

Experienced Assistance For G-4 Visa Holders

The Washington, D.C., metro area is home to many G-4 visa holders. This status allows for individuals and their families to maintain residence in the U.S. on certain terms. Because divorce severs a dependent spouse's G-4 status, child support and alimony can become especially complex matters. I have extensive experience in international family law issues, and I can help guide you through these complicated issues.

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