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Understanding The Complex Laws Associated With International Divorce

The intersection of U.S. and foreign laws concerning marriage dissolution, custody, support and property division can be quite intricate and plagued with ambiguity. For more than 35 years, Maginnis Law Office has helped U.S. families living abroad and foreign nationals living in the U.S. navigate the complexities of international divorce. If international family law issues affect your divorce, contact my office for help.

Helping Families From Diverse Backgrounds

Couples facing international divorce generally fall into one of three situations:

  • Both spouses are U.S. citizens living abroad.
  • One spouse is a U.S. citizen living in the U.S. or a foreign country and the other spouse is a foreign national.
  • Both spouses are foreign nationals living in the U.S.

Whether you fall into one of the above categories or your situation is more unique, I can help you through the divorce process.

If you live abroad and your divorce is currently taking place in another country, you may need stateside representation. I can complete the clerical aspects required to dissolve the marriage in the U.S. while working concurrently with legal professionals globally to ensure your divorce complies with other applicable laws.

Overcoming Potential Challenges

As with standard divorces, couples involved in international divorces must decide how to divide assets and parents must work to establish workable child custody arrangements that meet their specific needs. However, in a cross-border divorce these matters can be much more complicated. I help clients who are facing a variety of complex issues, including:

  • International child custody and visitation
  • Cross-border parenting plans
  • Foreign child and spousal support orders
  • International parental kidnapping
  • International property division

Serving The Needs Of G-4 Visa Holders And Their Families

The Washington, D.C. area is host to several international agencies including the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Pan American Health Organization and the World Bank. These organizations employ a great amount of foreign nationals who are living and working in the U.S. on G-4 visas. When these individuals or their spouses encounter family law issues, the legal process can be extremely complicated.

In jurisdictions such as Virginia, G-4 visa holders are not considered residents and as such cannot file for divorce. I have had success in navigating this and other limitations when working with foreign national clients. I can also assist clients address problems related to the division of international agency pensions.

Spousal and child support matters are also complex for those with G-4 status. When necessary, I can help individuals obtain international support enforcement actions.

Finding Workable Solutions For You

An international divorce does not have to turn into an expensive and drawn-out ordeal. I strive to provide efficient and innovative solutions to overcome the logistical problems that are often involved with international divorce and family law cases. To schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at my Washington, D.C., office, please email me or call 202-599-9001. I serve clients throughout the D.C. metro, including Maryland and northern Virginia.

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