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Helping To Resolve Issues Through A Collaborative Approach

If you have decided your marriage cannot be salvaged, but you want to resolve your disagreements without bitterness and recrimination, as well as save time and expense that can come with lengthy divorce proceedings, you may want to consider the collaborative approach to divorce.

In a collaborative proceeding, you and your spouse agree to resolve all matters without the intervention of the court. You are represented by an attorney who works with opposing counsel and outside experts, if necessary, to find solutions that are in everyone's best interests.

At the office of attorney John C. "Jack" Maginnis, III, I help men and women throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and northern Virginia use a collaborative approach to divorce to resolve differences without the intervention of the courts. With over 35 years of experience in all matters related to divorce and family law, including custody and visitation, support and marital property division, I have a comprehensive understanding of the law and how to help you protect your rights.

I am committed to guiding you through the divorce process with dignity and helping you adhere to your principles. Contact my office or call me at 202-599-9001 for a free initial consultation.

The Advantages Of Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative divorce process can be effective at all stages of a divorce, from the initial filing to the final resolution. I will work with you to assemble a team to resolve custody, support and property issues without the intervention of the courts, utilizing financial consultants, family counselors and other experts, if necessary.

The collaborative divorce process offers many advantages over traditional divorce proceedings:

  • The preservation of a functional relationship between spouses, which is vitally important when minor children are involved
  • Significantly less expensive than traditional divorce litigation
  • A child-friendly way to move forward

In the collaborative approach, the focus is on what is best for the family, rather than the individual. If the process is successful, I will help you put together an agreement setting forth its terms. If, however, you cannot reach agreement on all issues, you must hire new counsel to handle any proceedings in court.

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