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Professional Representation In Child Custody Disputes

If you are involved in a divorce and have minor children, the most challenging issues often center around child custody. As a parent, you want what is best for your children. Unfortunately, the emotions that come with divorce can often get in the way. This may lead to making decisions intended to punish your spouse, which in turn cause your children to suffer.

At the Maginnis Law Office, I bring over 35 years of experience to men and women throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and northern Virginia who are involved in disputes over child custody.

As an attorney, I am committed to helping you prevent the hardships that children of divorce often suffer because of animosity between parents. I place a high priority on helping men and women resolve custody issues with dignity and a focus on the best interests of their children. I will work hard to guide you through the process in a way that is consistent with your principles.

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Comprehensive Child Custody Representation

I work with men and women at all stages of a child custody dispute, from the determination of temporary custody while your divorce is pending, final orders, and requests for modification or enforcement of existing decrees. I will help you establish and put in place custody arrangements that are in the best interests of your minor children while protecting your rights as parents. I will not, however, help you use custody or visitation as a means to punish your ex-spouse.

Throughout the process, I will guide you in a way that is respectful of the other parent but which places a priority on the best interests of your children. If appropriate, I will encourage you to use the collaborative approach to settle custody disputes. If your ex-spouse acts in a way that is injurious to your children, I will respond forcefully, but with care to avoid any further injury.

In all situations, unless there are circumstances that warrant otherwise, I will work with you to establish custody arrangements, including joint legal custody and sole custody, that allow both parents to have meaningful access to and involvement in the lives of your children. Where there are legitimate concerns about drug abuse, neglect or another behavior detrimental to the child, I will work with you and with other professionals to determine what is in the best interests of your children and help implement those measures.

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